Thursday, December 16, 2010

Behavioral Interviews- Outside the box interviews

Situational and Behavioral Questions
By Ken Sundheim

You want to play in the big leagues and interview with the best companies? Nobody is going to ask you about your past internships. It doesn't mean much to them. These companies need to know how you think. They need to know your thought process and how you would handle certain situations.

Thus, they give situational and behavioral questions. Below, you will find some questions to these tough and sometimes shocking interviewing tactics. Remember, there is no correct or wrong answer to these questions and you will not know how the interview went until they tell you after wards. Be prepared to use your head and think before you answer.

It is very imperative that you keep upbeat and remain excited about the position.

Situational Interview Questions:
Situational interview questions aim to see your thought process when it comes to solving problems that will occur in everyday or work situations. The jobs that pay a lot want a lot of talent in return. Again, there are no correct or wrong answers regarding these questions. They are not your typical "Yes" or "No" questions.

Below, you will find some sample questions and sample answers. During an interview, always be prepared for these types of inquiries.

Q: Let's say that a professor didn't like you and was going to fail you. You had one week to straighten things out. Since you could not convince the professor and you knew he had a strong case to fail you, how would you go about passing this class?

Q: Let's say that somebody took everything you had and left you on the street with $3,000. You could not go to family or friends; you could only use the money as a resource. What would you do?

Q: You win the lottery, what would you do next?

Q: You get a call from a client who yells at you and will not listen to your responses. Your boss threatens to fire you if you can't keep them on by the end of Monday. It is Friday, what do you do?

Q: You walk into an interview and the interviewer shakes your hand and says, "You have 1 week to convince me that you are right for the job. You cannot call me or email me." What do you do?

Behavioral Interview Questions:

Q: Give an example of a time when you had to persuade others? What did you do?

Q: How would you go about working if you were required to conform to a policy with which you did not agree?

Q: When it comes to dealing with conflict how do you handle it? Give me an example.

Q: Let's say your boss had to quit and his or her work that they left was crucial to the organization. You would not equipped to do all of the work yourself, nor are you qualified. What would you do?

Q: What do you consider to be a cut-throat environment? How would you act to keep your job in this type of situation?

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