Monday, October 11, 2010

What employers want

I've just paid a visit to http: JIST's career blog and found some interesting information that pertains to interviewing. Behaivoral interviewing plays a part in this, but employers want the follwoing three things

Appearance: Do you look the part?
I've heard of people being disqualified because their shoes weren't shiny or their hair was messy. First impressions offen stick on employers, so dress the part, dress better than the part.

Dependability: Can you be counted on?
Small things count. What's your track record at showing up? How well do you work with others, how well do you follow directions, participate, or act as a team player? Sometimes you may convey your answers to these by leaving unconscious clues. So, be sure to show up on time to the interview. And be sure you want the job. I have seen people go the interview (because they had to, they needed the money). But, their hearts and head were not in the same place, so they unconsciously sabotaged the interview. They didn't use STAR method in the behavioral interview, and they tended to be more self-centred and less employer-centered.

Credentials: Do you have what it takes? (Answer with Behavioral interview answers and the STAR method--situation, task, action, result)

Credentials not only mean your certifications and degrees but a demonstration of what you can do based on your performance at past jobs. Here's where behavioral interview answers come in.

Few good jobs go to people who cannot describe the skills they have and how they have used them to impact the bottum line. Most people are weak in presenting their accomplishments and value-add (at least 80%). By mastering behavioral interview answers, you can be in the 20% who do well in any interview.

Hone your skills in behavioral interviewing to improve your chances of getting the job.

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