Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sample behavioral interview questions and answers-Self starter

Some interviewers want to know just how much of a self-starter you are, to what extent you would take initiative in a given situation. Here are some actual questions from an HR department.

1. Just as there are busy times, there are also also slack time. Tell me about the most recent slack time you faced.

To answer this questions consider theses details:

*When this happened
*Just how slack it was compasred to the normal flow.
*What you did during this period
*What your peers were doing.

consider: Did you ever ask for assignment during slack times?

Here's another self-starter behavioral interview question and sample answer guideline

2. Tell me about a time you showed the most initiative

Here you would go into your STAR (situation, task, action, result) answer. Describe the situation the problems that you had to tackle, the action and the result. In particular, consider the following:

*What did you do that was beyond your normal duties?
*How often have you shown this kind of initiative?
*Interviewer here could ask for another example or a more recent example. Tell me about the most recent example of where you showed initiative.

To prepare. Reflect on examples where you took initiative that you are particularly proud of. Avoid any kind of descriptions that attach blame to anyone or protray events negatively.

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