Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Behavioral interview questions and sample answers

Bob Firestone's "The ultimate Guide to Job Interview answers" contains a healthy dose of behavioral interview questions and sample answers. Here is one uncomfortable question that you could be asked in an interview according to this book:

"Have you ever had a difficulty with a supervisor or co-worker? How did you resolve this conflict?" Ouch, who wants to talk about that. Hint: the answer to this behavioral question is not that you never have conflicts. These are an inevitable part of working. We often have different styles, ideas, customs, outlooks. In posing this question, the interviewer according to Firestone is looking for a few things:

  • That you always work to a productive solution when in a conflict.
  • That you can nevertheless stick to your guns, but in a non-emotional, non-confrontational ways.
Answer this question with a lot of direct eye contact, advises Firestone. Suggesting that you leave your ego out of it, that you forgive people, that you stress that you are always willing to find the source of the misunderstanding without blaming people and focus on finding a productive solution. The action in the moment is important. The fact that you strive for a peaceful resolution and mutual understanding is important when answering this behavioral interview question.

Here is more information on the Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers

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