Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sample answer to a behavioral interview question - Part 2

Blog readers like samples. That much I've learned in a year of blogging. So here for your edification is another sample answer to a behavioral interview questions.

This one comes from real life. I had been interviewed for a teaching job by a group sitting around a board table. One interviewer asked: "Tell us about a time where something went wrong in the classroom and what you did about it".

Well that threw me a loop. Like most people, I have a scripted set of answers that extol my strong and most saleable skills. But, "something going wrong? So, I thought about it. The Interviewer continued..."we've all had it happen.." So that encourage me. And here is the answer I gave.

Situation: I told the interviewers about my first teaching assignment where I had a group of office administrative students, with whom I was struggling in class.

Task: I had to creat lessons to meet course requirements in grammar and writing, (but obviously there was something I wasn't getting).

Action: After reflecting on the situation, I realized I hadn't carefully assessed this group of learning, and used approaches that didn't resonate with their learning style.

Result: I changed the the lesson plan to less "lecturing" and more hands-on tasks. It worked better.

What won my interviewers over was that I had learned from the experience and that I did find an approach that worked. So, if you did mess up ( and we all do), be sure to convey how you learn from your experiences. We are all works in progress.

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