Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Behavioral interview :Important tips


Here are some more tips to answering behavioral interview questions



  1. Why did you choose your major and career?
  2. At what point did you make this decision?
  3. Specifically, what attracts you to this industry as a career?


1. What steps do you follow to study a problem before making a decision?
 2. We can sometimes identify a small problem and fix it before it becomes a major problem. Give an example(s) of how you have done this.
 3. Describe a situation in which you had to collect information by asking many questions of several people.
 4. In a supervisory or group leader role, have you ever had to discipline or counsel an employee or group member? What was the nature of the discipline? What steps did you take? How did that make you feel? How did you prepare yourself?


 Give examples of your experiences at school or in a job that were satisfying. Give examples of your experiences that were dissatisfying.


 Describe some projects or ideas (not necessarily your own) that were implemented, or carried out successfully primarily because of your efforts.

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