Sunday, July 25, 2010

Preparing for behaviorial interviews

Preparing for behavioral interviews  means a little soul searching. Here are some steps.

1. Examine  a  job desription for the positions. Pay close attention to key qualifications,
kskills and attributes that the position is asking for.  A skill is something that you do very well. Hard skills are the technical skills that you possess. Attributes are soft skills, even characteristics and they are transferable from different jobs. .

2/ Next, reflect on your work-related experiences and accomplishments.Hhow you may have handled difficult situations. Which ones best illustrate the key hard and soft  skills required by the position?

3. Think like an interviewer and create your own questions. Rember to start your  own question with
"Think of a time when..." or
"Give me an example of how you ..."
or describe a time when...

4. Keep relevant anecdotes or stories at your fingertips.  What skills did you demonstrate during these events? What actions did you take that made a difference, or helped solve an important problem?

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