Wednesday, November 23, 2011

List of behavioral interview questions and how to answer them

  • Can you tell  me about a project you were reluctant to complete and how you inspired yourself to complete it? 
  • Let's talk about your most difficult boss, professor or other person.Tell me why that person was difficult and how you successfully dealt with that person? 
  •  Describe the steps you took to complete a particularly difficult task.

  • What was the riskiest decision  you have ever made. What considerations did you make for that particular decision. 
  • We often have to work in groups. Tell me about a particular group project. What obstacles did you face? How did you resolve these? 
  • Describe a situation when you or a group that you were a part of were in danger of missing a deadline. What did you do? 
  • None of us are the same. Tell me about a time when you worked with a person who did things very differently from you. How did you get the job done. Would you consider working with that person again? 
  • Tell me about your  three greatest accomplishments to date.  

  • Give me an example of something you had to learn quickly. How did you do it? 

  • Give me an example of acomplex problem that you solved? What process did you use? 

  • Tell me about an occasion about  make a quick decision. 
    Avoid artificial sounding  answers or anything that sounds memorized. You are not perfect. Interviewers are interested in knowing about how you might have sweated, and how you pulled yourself out, what you learned, and what you might have done differently. We all make mistakes!!

    Don't forget to use the STAR method - - situation, task, action, result.

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