Monday, January 3, 2011

Job search new year's resolutions

This year, aside from doing my blogging and online businesses, I am also on a work search as I reshape my own career. Here are some new year's resolutions for every job seeker to think about. The behaviorl interview is just part of the trip!

I will only apply for positions I am qualified for
I will meet (on the phone or in person) three new people a week who can help me with my job search.
I will learn to leverage such tools as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blogging and other social media as part of my job search.
I will not place the burdon of my job search on another person's shoulders hoping they can get me a job. They may have information about possible openings or know someone I need to meet.
I will set up informal discussions with decision-makers/hiring managers even if they are not hiring right now. They may be hiring soon.
I will consider that my resume may not be as good as it could be and seek advice.
I will give my resume a makeover. A professional may see more than I can and give me some constructive feedback. (This is one for me especially, since I write resumes for others).

I will consider my job search to be a full time job, more important than TV, or browsing the Internet for fun.
I will build a plan for my job hunt by outlining resources to research and key people to contact. I will create a schedule, too. Milestones and goals are important.
I will enlist the support of others who care about me and who can offer good advice (instead of giving up hope).

I will keep busy if I'm unemployed. I will volutter, use my time to meet new people and offer my assistance to others who can use it.

I will keep learning in my subject matter. I will read, take online courses or self study modules or attend free lectures and trade shows.

I will exercise I will do something I like to do such as walking or cycling.

I will think about what I liked and disliked in previous jobs and develop the ultimate job description. I will use this to give my search focus

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