Sunday, November 14, 2010

Behavioral interview tips

Here are some behavioral interview tips for preparing for the interview.
*First, realize that behavioral interviews don't have a correct answer. The interviewer is expecting you to think on your feet.

*Prepare for questions such as "tell me about a time when something went wrong, and how you handled it". "tell me when..." or "describe a situation where you had to..." or "give me example of how...". "What would you do differently in that situation?

*Next take a good look at the position description. See if you can match your skills and attributes to what the the job requires.

*Then, examine work-related experiences and accomplishments. Did you solve difficult problems? Which of those best illustrate the skills and attributes required by the position?

*Then, think like an interviewer . Design your own questions. See if you can identify times when things really didn't go well and how you handled it. How well did you think on your feet?

*Be sure to develop some examples and stories. . for your answers. Be specific. Point out the skills you demonstrated during these events and the actions you took that made a difference.

*Finally, don't forget to use the use the STAR technique when answering your questions. STAR is short for "Situation" "Task" "Action" "Result"

Situation - When and where did this happen? What your role did you play ? What problems occured ? Task-What had to be done? Was there a deadline or crisis? Action- What actions did you take ? (Describe in detail). How did it all end ( crisis averted? increased sales?)?

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